Smart Pro Consulting Inc. offers a range of project management services in such fields as high-end retail, corporate, recreational facilities, exclusive residential spaces etc., also covering some projects in upper medium and casual sector.

In recent years it has been a strong tendency among companies in the construction and design industry towards narrowing down their specialization to one or two specific functions. As a result management of any project in this area requires an enormous amount of effort from the customer’s side in order to successfully coordinate all the contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and other resources employed for the project.

A continuous growth in the number of tasks within the project, that require immediate attention, increases a risk of delays in execution or an inferior quality of the final product. A person or a company that decides to undertake a project in the field of construction or interior/exterior design often has to face challenges of keeping up with continuous changes and technological innovations related to materials, equipment and engineering solutions. 

Our goal is to provide our Clients with the complete solution to the vast array of issues: from consulting on the choice of the right site, working out the most efficient and effective plan for the project implementation, overseeing and managing of all communications with contractors and suppliers; and up until a completion of the project and developing maintenance guide. 

Our Project managers are a team of professionals who have strong work ethic standards, reliable connections in the industry and a unique approach to every project. Moreover, we exercise methods and techniques that are proven to work and to deliver desired results. The list of our Clients and executed projects is our best reference.

Being our Client means that we will carry out your project in the most cost- and time-efficient manner. At the same time we guarantee that it will be executed in accordance with the highest standards of the industry and with an extended duty of care.

Hermes, Dior, Moncler, Cartier, Benetton as well as Zara, Massimo Dutti and Tommy Hilfiger branded stores are only few examples of the projects that have been undertaken and realized by Smart Pro. To learn more please go to Projects.

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